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Sonia Earrings

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Hand beaded Japanese glass bead earrings. Stainless steel lever clip. Every pair of earrings is beaded by hand using thread and needle and takes about 24 hours of careful and delicate work. They are part of the Magic Islands collection, designed and created at Polo & Storch's studio.

By Polo & Storch.

About Sonia:

French painter and designer. Sonia was an iconic representative of Abstract Art. With her husband, she founded the Simultaneist movement. Her constant interest for taking color beyond painting is demonstrated in the application of it in a variety of artistic techniques.

Care instructions:

Magic Island Earrings are resistant, however keep in mind they are made of glass and there are some basic cares to be observed:  

- Do not wash or wet. Even if they are knitted using very resistant Nylon thread, it could affect their inner structure.  

- To eliminate the risk of breaking the beads, avoid twisting, falls and any pressure against hard surfaces.  

- In case of damage of the lever clip, it can be carefully opened and replaced using fine tweezers. 

- DO NOT try to open the metal ring at the top of the earring, the risk of breaking the bead is high.

Measurements: 3.5 x 1.2" (9 x 3 cm.).