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  1. These are your Captains, speaking
  1. “I got stoned and ate raw spaghetti noodles and played computer games for a few weeks when I shut my company down last year haha.”
  1. Yellow Acuarela Topo
  1. Elsa Tomando Siesta
  1. Ciudad Analoga 7B
  1. Ciudad Analoga 7D
  1. Sueño de Ale
  1. Menstruación
  1. Face to Face, Womb to Penis
  1. Guardiana
  1. Diálogo 1
  1. Arbol Sexi
  1. Forma Mujer
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  1. Mujer Cara
  1. Brasil Morado
  1. Ave del Paraiso
  1. Lirios
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  1. Orquideas
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  1. Planeta Dos Macacos
  1. Roberta
  1. Tríada Onírica
  1. Serpiente Calavera Fuego
  1. “Cuervo que se alimenta de la lluvia”
  1. Grande