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Necklaces Metals

  1. Cactus Necklace
  1. Polaris Gold Necklace
  1. Polaris Silver Necklace
  1. The VH Fly Statement Gold Necklace
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  1. The VH Moth Silver Pendulum Necklace
  1. Silver Snake Chain Lariat Necklace
  1. Knot Link Necklace
    Sold Out
  1. Silver Toggle Choker
  1. Chapa Silver Necklace
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  1. Areole Necklace
  1. Elipse Necklace
  1. Minou Petite Oro
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  1. Thorn Large Necklace
  1. Rosarito Small Pendant
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  1. Cholla Necklace
  1. Colibrí Necklace Silver
  1. Silver Thorn Man  Necklace
  1. Silver Eye Man  Necklace
  1. Colibrí Body Chain
  1. Mini Amaré Necklace
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