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Purple Clutch

  • $ 840.00 MXN

Screen printing on synthetic leather. X-ray Ipod.

The project Secretos Cotidianos began as a series of photographs with an interest in exploring the intimacy of Women through an object as everyday and at the same time as personal as the bag, using a mixture of X-rays with photography to highlight what the naked eye cannot see. I think that inside a bag you can find a universe of objects as well, it gives you an indication of the interest and personality of each woman. In a second phase I found it very fun to capture on the outside of a bag what you could bring inside. I started with the X-rays of an Ipad, fascinated with all the circuits and connections and the everyday use of electronics, and with this came these bags.

Measurements: 23 x 29 cm

 By: Maria Iturbe